KENILWORTH, NJ — After recent luring attempts in Roselle and a reported incident in the borough, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Thomas Tramaglini sent a letter to parents urging them to be aware and to reinforce the steps to take when an unfamiliar person approaches their children.

According to Tramaglini, a man approached a girl with his car and held up a jacket claiming he had something for them. As the girl approached, the man dropped the jacket and attempted to grab the girl.

The Kenilworth Police Department has increased patrols and residents are asked to report any suspicious activity to the Kenilworth Police at 908-276-1700.

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See letter below:

Dear Parent/Guardian/Community Member:
Over the past few days, our community has been on a raised level of vigilance since we were alerted of the two luring incidents in Roselle and one in our borough targeting one of our students.  I am very encouraged with the response of our community, including extra patrols and impressive investigative work by the Kenilworth Police Department, a strong and supportive response from our staff, as well as the extra safety measures taken by our parents and students.

While this past school week is over, I am asking everyone to continue to remain conscious of the recent events throughout the weekend and beyond.  The Kenilworth Police Department notified me of several reports of possible occurrences in other communities similar to those that happened in Kenilworth and Roselle.  This included a third luring in Roselle which was reported later this week.  In all of the Roselle incidents a male driver targeted teen-aged girls.  Each time, a man approached a girl with his car.  When he stopped, he held up a jacket and said he had something for the girl.  When each girl approached the vehicle the man dropped the jacket and attempted to grab the girl. 

The Kenilworth Police Department has been working with our surrounding communities to ensure that all safety precautions are taken.  Our school district will continue to follow our procedures that safeguard every one of our children. 

Please continue to be conscious and vigilant in light of the recent events.  Regularly reinforce what steps you take when unfamiliar people or strangers approach your children.  We will continue to post resources and any new information on our website (, Facebook page and our Twitter Feed (@KenilworthSuper). If you or anyone you know see anything that is suspicious or similar to what has been reported, immediately contact the Kenilworth Police Department at (908) 276-1700 or 911 if it’s an emergent situation.