When you sell your home, you want it to sell quickly and get as much money as possible for the sale. Therefore, you want to use every advantage you have to make the house look great. There are some things that can make a buyer turn around and never come back, eventually reducing the price far too low just to get it to sell.

Here are some of the items that can make your house sale turn sour.


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If the house you are selling has excessive damage, and you are not planning to sell it as a fixer-upper, you will need to give it some attention. Things like holes in the walls, a yard that is nothing but dirt with a few weeds poking out, a hole in the roof, or scratched up flooring are not what your typical buyer is looking for. Take some time to determine what damages need to be repaired before you put the house on the market and set out to do what you can to repair them.


Spills and stains happen, it is just part of life. However, when you are selling your home, you want prospective buyers to see themselves living there, and the huge stain from a bottle of wine on the white living room rug, or the stains from your dog before they were housebroken, are not going to give them that illusion. Most buyers will walk away if they see stains like these. Take time to get the stains removed or get a new carpet entirely.

Carpet In The Bathroom

If you have ever been in a house with carpet in the bathroom, you will understand this. It is just gross. There is most likely mold under the carpeting and probably pee on the carpet around the toilet. Getting rid of your carpeting in the bathroom can help your home sale succeed.

If you already have your home on the market and it has not sold, you may want to get rid of that carpet now; it might help your sale.

Carpet In The Kitchen

While this may not feel as gross to you as the bathroom, the kitchen is another room in the house that should not be carpeted. Like we said above, spills happen, and having a carpet in the kitchen means that you can end up with some big stains and there is a big potential of mold under that carpet. You definitely should consider removing the carpet in the kitchen before you put your house on the market.

Pet Problems

There are two things that can be off-putting to buyers when it comes to your pets: smells and their presence when the house is being shown.

You may not really notice the smell of your cat's litter box or the lingering wet dog smell in the entryway from Fido shaking off when he comes inside on a rainy day. Your buyers will notice these smells because they are not living with them daily. Get the carpets and upholstery deep cleaned and use air fresheners. Also, make sure you remove the cat boxes or hamster cages before a showing.

As for the presence of your pets, again people need to imagine living in the house, and if someone who is not fond of cats encounters yours while on a showing, they might turn around and leave. The dog that barks every time someone comes near your house can also be off-putting to a buyer. If your next-door neighbor has a dog that is constantly barking, offer to put it in doggie daycare during a showing; no one wants to live right next to a dog that is constantly barking.

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