KENILWORTH, NJ – The Kenilworth Police Department has begun field training for patrol officers Anthony Tancs and Leo Filipe, who completed their graduation from the John H. Stamler Police Academy on June 7.

During their field training, Tancs and Filipe are assigned to Kenilworth Police Officers who will teach them about the layout of the town and the processes and systems used by the Kenilworth Police Department.

“I’m happy that we’re back up to a full complement of officers and I look forward to them completing their field training,” Police Chief John Zimmerman said. “I know that they’ll both be an asset to the borough, serving its citizens and stakeholders.”

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Tancs and Filipe will undergo field training for 2 months. They learned the law in the academy and will learn how to apply the law while serving and protecting Kenilworth, Zimmerman said.

“All police officers get the job done by the end of the day, but we may do it in a different way,” Zimmerman said. “The academy is more academic and this is more hands-on.”