When you sell your home, there are some things that you may want to put away before you have any showings or hold an open house. Some things should be put away because they are personal or off-putting to prospective buyers, while others should be put away to protect your belongings. Here are some things you should not leave out during a showing or open house.


Prescription drugs are an important thing to take with you when you have a showing or open house. If someone attending your open house is there to steal from you, they will check the medicine cabinet and nightstands for prescriptions.

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Unfortunately, Stealing Prescription Drugs Is A Common Thing These Days, So If You Leave These Accessible, They May Not Be Waiting For You When You Get Home At The End Of The Day.

Family Photos

In order to sell your home, buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the house. Imagining themselves in your home can be hard to do if photos of your family surround them. These should be packed up and put in storage early before you even take pictures for your listing.


There are several reasons to pack away your guns before you sell your home. Let's say you have a large gun case to display your little collection of rifles. Prospective buyers may find this off-putting and tacky; they may be offended; they may begin wondering about you. No matter which way they see this, they are most likely to remember your house as the one with the guns. Your recently updated kitchen, fenced yard, and finished basement will not be on their mind when they think about your house.

If you only have a single handgun that you keep in your nightstand or somewhere else readily accessible to you, you should put the gun in a gun safe if you have one; if not, put it somewhere secure. There is always a chance that someone may decide to steal or play with your gun, both of which could spell trouble for you.


These are something that should always be locked up when there will be strangers walking around your home. These include money, jewelry, phones, laptops, family heirlooms, artwork, and keys. Those items may be easy to steal or become damaged during an open house. The keys might be seen as an invitation for a would-be thief to come back when nobody is home.

The Liquor Cabinet

If you have a nice-looking wine rack with a few bottles on display or a couple of bottles displayed next to a wet bar, you should be fine. However, removing it is a good idea if you have a lot of alcohol in the house. While you may not see a problem with finding a well-stocked liquor cabinet in a house you are thinking of buying, some of the people looking at the home may find it off-putting.

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