Wellness architecture is a trend that has been rising in popularity, especially since the novel coronavirus struck, making people spend much more time at home.

What Is Wellness Architecture?

Wellness architecture is a home design that focuses on improving your health, either mental or physical, on a holistic level.

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While this can be a large, expensive project, you can also do this on a budget; here are some of these trends.

Rethink Rooms

In a typical house, there are rooms that serve one specific function, like cooking, eating, and sleeping, for example. With more people working from home, they are finding that they need more space and need to make changes to have a healthier home.

When arranging your home for wellness, look at your space. Do you have a bedroom that has been turned into a storage room? If you clean that out, you can set up space for an office or home gym.

Can you make your kitchen set up to be convenient for when you are on the go? That alone can help reduce stress.

Connect With Nature

Having plants in your house or a garden has been known to help improve moods, and there are a lot of creative ways you can bring plants into your home. You can also arrange furniture to bring in natural light and give you a feel for the outdoors.

"This inclusion of nature in design is proven to enhance cognitive performance, cleanse the air, lower stress, reduce toxins and utilize more renewable and sustainable resources," said Architect Veronica Schreibeis Smith.

There are even plants that do not require direct sunlight, or can live on low light, so you can put them in the bathroom without worrying about them dying from the lack of sunlight. These plants include:

  • Peace Lilies
  • Boston Ferns
  • Spider Plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Orchids

Several of the plants on this list are considered hard to kill, even if you do not have a green thumb.

Detoxify The Home

You do not want to live in a space that is toxic in some way, so removing some of those toxins can help improve your wellness. There are a few ways you can do this.

You can use an air purifier to help clear up pollen and dust.

If you are painting, use low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) products. These paints contain fewer chemicals, so you can keep your air a little cleaner.

Whether you suffer from allergies or not, a good thing to try when detoxifying your home is replacing the carpet with hard flooring.

Make Space For Exercise

A healthy body is part of wellness architecture, so if you can, set up some space in your home so that you can get some exercise. It does not need to be a full home gym, some weights or space for yoga is sufficient.

Make Your Bathroom Relaxing

If you are someone who enjoys unwinding in the tub or shower, and you already have what you need to use it, make a point to do so more regularly. Adding some plants, candles, and music can help ease your mind.




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