As a Kenilworth citizen, I feel for our community.  There are so many amazing people who really just desire quality of life and services they deserve for their tax dollars.  Being here for the past eight years I have seen so many changes even when it comes to government.  Hiring of friends, promotions that are given to less qualified individuals, terminations because someone is not liked.  All of this because of politics which inevitably changes the landscape of the town and costs the taxpayers unnecessary increases in their tax bills. When you start talking about high-density housing this starts to become a dangerous situation for the citizens. Most large companies in our town if they sell the property and retire can totally change the landscape for the town. If just 4 were to leave and developers came in and created housing your population can go from 7000 to 20000 in just a matter of a few years. I have seen this happen in other towns.   I hear so many people complain but nothing changes. It is like the definition of insanity, which is the repeating of the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result.  I have run in the past and thank the voters who believed in me. This year I took the approach of a different route and decided to run as an independent.  In today's politics seems Democrats and Republicans are in name only.  I say this because I have many friends on both sides and many of my friends will say they just want taxes to stop being raised and services to be rendered.  I have seen all the literature and sadly one side bucks the other side which is like the saying there are always three sides to each story. As citizens, we will probably never know the third side because there is too much back-door politics that go on.  I know this firsthand because I was given information and each side denied the other side of the story.  The government also seems to be one-sided and if you are not a part of the establishment based on how you vote. You can call, email text, and message with no response. Which tells me they only care about the voters that will vote them back in.  The citizens of this town deserve better and that is why I wanted to step up.  People may say oh he is too aggressive, well that stems from understanding that procrastination, lies, and manipulation will lead to failure. Living on the streets, growing up in the foster care system, and living on my own at a young age has taught me to be upfront, bold, and aggressive to reach your goals.  These qualities I will not apologize for.  When I see our community being taken advantage of I feel it is my obligation to step up to the plate and right the wrongs.  This community deserves transparency, quality of life, equal taxes, and safety.  I hope if you have not voted you will consider jumping the line and let me earn the opportunity to serve the community.