The measures healthcare workers, Francesco Rizzo and James Duffy, have had to take in respect to the coronavirus pandemic during the happiest time of their lives has been, at times, surprising even to them. They had spent 528 days of wedding planning, selecting a venue, trying on tux's, and shopping for decor and details for their special day. But when the pandemic happened, they were not able to go for their fittings, finalize details or even attend the food and cake tasting at their venue. They held out hope as long as possible, but one month shy of their wedding date and risks still lingering with the world situation, made the decision to postpone their wedding.  

Still, with the world on lock down, their affection for each other could not be quelled. With a date that had special meaning to both Francesco and James, with help from loved ones, they quickly arranged for a COVID-style wedding. On Saturday, June 13, in front of twenty guests — which included their officiant and a photographer — Francesco and James got married in the backyard of their Kenilworth residence. It wasn't the nautical inspired wedding for 150 friends and family that they had been dreaming about. It was small and simple. But even in a pandemic, it was perfect. They still look forward to celebrating their love with all of their friends and family next June and execute the big party they had been so excited for.