KENILWORTH, NJ – Calling it the “Gateway to Industrial Kenilworth” Councilwoman Kay Ceceri praised the decision of the Borough Council to seek funding for the rehabilitation of Springfield Road which turns into North 14th Street in the Borough.  This road is a distinct joint application between Union and Kenilworth.

Ceceri has been working diligently to make a resolution to this community issue.  “The heavily traveled roadway serves as a border between Kenilworth and Union. I have in the past worked to get mutual cooperation for the maintenance of the roadway. The state funding grant could resolve the problem.”

The eligibility factors to receive this funding include support of freight travel and access.  Cecerci continues “I hear so often from residents the bumpy condition of the road. This could be a solution. One of the major benefits would be to lesson the traffic on Michigan Avenue which has become a problem to the surrounding streets.” Another important factor that Ceceri noted is that since the application affects both Union and Kenilworth, the application must be jointly submitted. “Our staff informs me that we already have the cooperation of Union.”

The Borough plans on submitting an application to the Department of Transportation hoping that the DOT will sponsor the funding.