KENILWORTH, NJ – The Kenilworth Fire Department held a special dedication ceremony Tuesday, November 12, to introduce Fire Engine 63 in memory of Firefighter AJ DeVito who passed away suddenly on August 16. To commemorate the new apparatus, speakers at the ceremony included Chief of Department William Krueger, President Randy Levchuk, Firefighter Shawn Kelly, and Mayor Anthony DeLuca. “Engine 63 will also ride in honor of Chief Louis Kelly “MAC 7” the Kenilworth Fire Department stated.

“If you put all the heart and spirit of AJ DeVito into a piece of machinery, Engine 63 would be it” Mayor DeLuca announced. Currently Engine 63 is in quarters being outfitted with hose and tools. Kenilworth Fire Department members will begin training evolutions on the use of the new apparatus. Engine 63 will be placed in-service and take its place on the front line within the next few months.

“This beautiful piece of apparatus will greatly upgrade our firefighting capabilities” firefighter Shawn Kelly added.  “Engine 63 not only honors the memory of Firefighter AJ Devito and Chief Kelly, but she will also represent the town of Kenilworth and bring a sense of pride to our community for years to come.”