KENILWORTH, NJ - Patty Fugett, a Kenilworth resident thought with all the social distancing it would be nice for her neighbors to come outside and say hello for Flag Day. She placed a flag on each of her neighbor's lawns as a reminder of the freedom we have in our country.

Fugett went on to explain the celebration, “We started all out in the middle of our street and said the Pledge of Allegiance. We then all gave a loud clap and yell. It was a healthy release from the past three months. I congratulated some of the neighbors which included newlyweds on the block, a college graduation, a 28-year wedding anniversary, and a kindergarten graduation. Each announcement was followed with loud applause and clapping. It was a good healthy feeling. We recently have three new houses with some very kind and welcoming neighbors. We all got to know each other and the best gift anyone could have had that day was a smile and a hello to each other. I would also like to thank Pat Boyle for being a part of all of this.”  

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