KENILWORH, NJ – The Kenilworth Santa Mailbox is now in front of Borough Hall at 567 Boulevard. Santa is looking forward to hearing the Christmas wishes from all the children in the Kenilworth community. It is recommended to mail all letters by December 20, so Santa has time to respond and please include a return address.

As stated on the Kenilworth Rec Center Facebook page, the elves Jingle and Belle have returned.  The first batch of letters were delivered to Santa by the elves and he is very pleased. Jingle and Bell are excited to come back to Kenilworth to watch all the kids mailing their letters again this year. “As most little elves, they love to play, and hide. So every day, when they return from delivering letters, they find a new spot.  Be sure to look for them, take your pictures, post it on Facebook, so they can brag to their friends back at the North Pole. Always remember, not to touch them. We wouldn’t want to take their Christmas Magic away!”