KENILWORTH, NJ – The global pandemic of Coronavirus did not stop the children of Kenilworth from celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. Kenilworth resident Stacie Holzinger, teacher and mom, suggested a scavenger hunt to parents on Facebook that went viral. Holzinger saw a post that recommended a neighborhood scavenger hunt which members of the community would place a shamrock in the window and then the children would walk or drive around to count the shamrocks they saw. This event did not include human contact, but fresh air instead and something fun for the kids to do on Saint Patrick’s Day that was safe and did not cost any money. About 68 shamrocks were found, and the children had a great time searching and making their own home creation.

Holzinger stated, “I think it’s important to keep things upbeat for the kids. They need to feel a sense of normalcy, so they are not scared. These small activities are huge morale boosters for our little ones.” Holzinger who has twins in the first grade loved getting out of the house to participate. Her son JT said “it was fun searching and finding shamrocks” and her daughter Ronni Lynn replied “it gave us something to do besides work. I was getting bored.”