KENILWORTH, NJ – Derek Graichen and Paige Middleton have been named this week’s David Brearley High School Athletes of the Week.

Derek Graichen is a 16-year-old junior who plays running back and linebacker for the varsity football team. He has been playing sports since he was a child which includes baseball, basketball, soccer, and wrestling. However, the one sport that stuck with him the most is football. “I have made so many friends through this sport and it’s always been the most fun to play.”  His best sports memory was in sixth grade when he had the game winning hit in the little league championship. In his free time Derek likes working out or hanging with his friends. 

Paige Middleton is the youngest child of three and has been living in Kenilworth all her life. She started playing sports when she was just five years old. Paige started playing soccer with the Kenilworth Rec and then moved on to club soccer. In fourth grade she started playing basketball along with soccer. She has been playing soccer for 12 years and basketball for 7 years “I have an equal love for the two sports” she says. Her best sports memory in soccer is getting in the state semifinals and winning the conference championship two years in a row, and in basketball winning the conference championship and becoming the top fifth rebounder in New Jersey. When Paige isn’t playing sports, she likes traveling and going to the beach.

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