KENILWORTH, NJ – Jack Balwierczak and Colleen Hannon have been named this week’s David Brearley High School Athletes of the Week.

Jack Balwierczak is a seventeen-year-old junior at David Brearley High School. He started playing football at a very young age and received his varsity football letter his sophomore year. Balwierczak also has lettered in track and golf at Brearley. He believes that Kenilworth is a great town to grow up and play sports in. “I have so many childhood sports memories but my favorite sports memory is winning the conference championship and going into the playoffs this past football season.” When Balwierczak is not playing sports he likes to go to the gym, fish, hang out with friends, and work on his jeep.

Colleen Hannon is a freshman who plays on the varsity girls basketball team and is a cheerleader at David Brearley High School. Hannon also plays softball which is her favorite sport. She is a pitcher and plays the infield and looks forward to tryouts in the spring. Hannon has been playing basketball since the third grade and softball since kindergarten. One her best sports memories was pitching a perfect game at ten years old vs South Plainfield. Her other hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, and throwing a football around with her brothers.

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