KENILWORTH, NJ – Jonathan Braun and Amber Batista have been named this week’s David Brearley High School Athletes of the Week.

Jonathan Braun is a senior at David Brearley High School and a lifelong resident of Kenilworth. Braun has been on the varsity wrestling team for four years and also played varsity football and golf at Brearley since he was a freshman. Braun started wrestling at the young age of five with the Kenilworth Wrestling Club Youth Wrestling Program. Earlier this month he became the 170lb Champion at the 45th Annual Union County Interscholastic Athletic Conference Tournament held at Union High School. Braun was also recognized as Outstanding Wrestler for the upper weights at the tournament. His record this season is 20-2. “I love the sport and have put in an extraordinary amount of work and effort to get where I am today.” Braun’s best sports memory was pinning his opponent in the Union County Tournament, “because I worked so hard to get to that point.” Boys wrestling coach David Nichols stated that "Braun is a good kid that wrestles hard in the room. When he’s confident he’s a tough kid to beat.” Braun’s other hobbies include more sports, hanging out with friends, and working on cars. For the future he plans to continue his wrestling career in college while he studies marketing.

Amber Batista is an eighteen-year-old senior and David Brearley High School and has lived in Kenilworth since she was three-years old. She decided to play basketball because she grew up watching her brother Johnny play at DBHS. “Seeing him play allowed me to grow a love for basketball and encouraged me to play it middle school and continue it.” Her best sports memories she says was her entire basketball season last year. “We were awarded with conference champions. We made it to the second round of states but sadly lost to Dayton. I never enjoyed playing basketball so much and made memories with girls I would never forget.” Girls basketball coach Jenna Vitale beamed, “Amber comes to practice each day and works so hard. She is always respectful to her coaches and teammates. She is a true team player." When she is not playing basketball Batista is part of the Race Matters Club at Brearley and works at Dunkin’ Donuts in Kenilworth. After high school she plans on attending college.

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