KENILWORTH, NJ – Trevor Strigler and Kaitlyn Perdigao have been named this week’s David Brearley High School Athletes of the Week.

Trevor Strigler is a senior at David Brearley High School who plays small forward power, forward, and center on the varsity basketball team and had the position of goalie on the varsity soccer team. He began playing basketball when he was very young and started playing soccer just in his second year of high school. He says his favorite sports memory was when he was able to start for three of the most important soccer games of his life and had two clean sheets in the state sections tournament. “Having a team put their trust in you unexpectedly and doing good for a kid who’s only played three years of soccer who also has a disadvantage with spinal cord lipoma is just an amazing experience and a great feeling.” Trevor is also a part-time photographer and wants to be a communications major in college and minor in art.

Kaitlyn Perdigao has been a fall and winter varsity cheerleader for three years and a competition varsity cheerleader for two years. Her position is backspot. “I typically stabilize the stunt, control, and count out loud each step.” Kaitlyn joined cheer because she wanted to know what it was like to be part of a sports team. Her favorite memory was competing in Ocean City, Maryland last season. “Although we did not win, the energy on the mat was truly unforgettable. We worked as a team and hit every stunt with everything we had.” She also states that she loves all the team bonding experiences with every practice and every bus ride to and from games and competitions. “Cheer has helped me to work hard, do the best I possibly can do, and to push through everything I do in and out of cheer.” Kaitlyn’s other hobbies include volunteering at Saint Micheal’s and being a TEAM leader for their youth ministry. She loves working with children and is currently a Bridge student taking UCC classes after school. Her major is Early Childhood Education, and one day she hopes to become an elementary school teacher.

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