KENILWORTH, NJ - “K-Town,” a modern-day Sopranos TV series that was set to film at the end of March, has released a video to support everyone dealing with the quarantine and global pandemic of coronavirus. Billy Hartmann who is the co-writer, producer, and director stated, "we wanted to do something special to get the word out about the seriousness of the coronavirus. It’s spreading fast, our friends and family are becoming infected with it. We ask that you be calm and stay home if it's not necessary to go out. Most importantly, practice social distancing." To watch the video please paste the following link into your browser.

Hartman has also just finished a song about coronavirus with fellow cast member Terence Johnson who will be playing Nelson “Newark” Brown. "Terence and I have been friends for over 40 years and will be releasing it in a few days. All proceeds are going to the coronavirus foundation (COVID-19 Relief Fund) with each download of it. It’s all about the safety of the people, and not letting this get to a point of no return."