KENILWORTH, NJ – Michael Naya, who was born and raised in Kenilworth, has been fascinated with history since he was a child. At the moment he is in the process of writing a book about as many veterans as he can to honor their stories. He is looking for more information from the Kenilworth community and hopes you will read the following message.

Dear Kenilworth Residents,

My name is Michael Naya Jr. and I am a seventeen-year-old high school student from Kenilworth. Over the past three years, I have been interviewing Great Depression survivors, World War II and Korean War veterans. I have been doing this because I love history and one day I would like to write a book on the servicemen and women from Kenilworth. I am seeking information on military servicemen and women who lived in Kenilworth that served in World War II. These men and women do not have to be alive today, but I am urging family members of former Kenilworth Veterans to contact me in the hope that I can keep their memory alive. As we near the 75th Anniversary of World War II in September there are very few men and women alive to remember those terrible days of the war. As a nation we cannot forget their sacrifice and the war that changed the world.

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As our nation goes through coronavirus, I feel that this project could possibly help those get their minds off of the present situation. It would allow for the sons and daughters of our nations World War II heroes to reminisce about their family members and the men that served. Many local World War I and World War II veterans took part in the construction of the VFW, a building recognizable to any Kenilworth resident. Information that is evident of why that generation should be remembered. That generation built the town that we know and love today. 

I am seeking any and all information such as photographs, letters, documents, or information on former servicemen and women from Kenilworth. Additional information from World War II such as information on home front workers, Rosie the Riveters, Air Raid Wardens, child eyewitnesses, veterans and information from children and widows of veterans from Kenilworth is appreciated. 

I urge anybody with information on World War II veterans who lived in Kenilworth at one point or another to contact me at, or to call me at 732-986-7768. I would be very grateful as we should not forget what they did for us. 

Michael T. Naya Jr