KENILWORTH, NJ - Mike Klimchak, who teaches fifth grade at Harding Elementary School recently was one of five educators to win the Zachary Prell Role Models Campaign. Each contestant wrote a personal story about being a role model as an educator and the voting was held online. Klimchak finished in third place out of 25 teachers with 675 votes. He won a Zachary Prell wardrobe valued at $1,500 and is one of the faces of the campaign which can be seen at

The photo shoot was at the Zachary Prell studio in Manhattan, New York. Klimchak was styled and dressed by the Zachary Prell creative team and then took part in a photo shoot with the other winners. “It was an incredible experience to meet with other role model teachers from around the tri-state area and listen to their stories about being in the classroom.”

Klimchak has been teaching at Harding for twelve years and is a two-time Teacher of the Year. He is praised by parents and his students for being a positive and inspiring role model. In a very poignant message Klimchak is quoted on the Zachary Prell website. “I tell my students all the time-if you want to be known as something in school, be known as the “nice kid.” The one that sits with the new student at lunch, plays with the student with no friends at recess, and talks to the student that looks sad or upset.  There are very few things in this world that you can control, but kindness is one of them.  Be the nice kid.”