KENILWORTH, NJ – Stacie Holzinger, a Kenilworth resident and first grade teacher in Long Hill has started a loaning library in front of her driveway to help families who do not have a lot of books to share with their children. Holzinger has twins who are in the first grade at the Harding School and will be out of the classroom for two weeks. She is trying to make the current global pandemic brighter by doing a good deed to help out one another. “I knew a lot of people were anxious about remote learning, so I just figured that we could all work together to make this crazy time a little easier for each other. I started a Facebook group for parents and teachers who might need help or ideas for working with their children at home. It came to my attention that some people don't have lots of books at home, so we decided to set up a loaning library in our driveway. The group has a lot of teachers willing to help out which is awesome.”

If anyone would like to borrow books the loaning library is located at 21 South 22nd Street. Half the books have been sorted and all wiped down with Clorox. If you would like to join the facebook group please see this link*F&fref=gs&dti=2544661182415468&hc_location=group_dialog.