KENILWORTH, NJ – Jimmy Buff’s Italian Style Hot Dog and Sausages celebrated National Hot Dog Day on July 17, 2019.  There was a great turnout of regular and new customers to indulge in these delicious dogs and the special for the day. Jimmy Buff’s offered a deal of buy one get one free Jumbo American Style Hot Dog with no limit. The place was packed the entire day and customers were delighted not only to partake in the hot dog special, but also the regular menu as well.

How Jimmy Buff’s came to be all started in 1932 on 14th Ave. and 9th St. in Newark, NJ. Founded by James Racioppi, this is where the hotdog with an Italian twist first began.  In the 1920’s and 30’s everyone had a nickname. Because of Racioppi’s card style at the table he got his nickname “Bluff”. The translation from Italian to English, the nickname became “Buff”.  From then on James Racioppi was known as “Jimmy Buff”. Jimmy Buff is the great grandfather of the Mike Loikith who is the owner of the Kenilworth establishment. The Italian Hot Dog at first was only served to close family friends. It was such a success that Jimmy Buff introduced it to the menu and it is one of the most popular items sold. Jimmy Buff’s of Kenilworth was originally on Michigan Avenue in 1960 and then sold to Charlies Hot Dogs in 1962. Now the famous hot dog joint is back in Kenilworth at 506 Boulevard.

July is National Hot Dog Month, and National Hot Dog Day changes each year depending on when the North American Meat Institute host their annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill.