KENILWORTH, NJ - Saturday, September 21, at noon, Two Ton's Ebullient will go on sale. At 8.5% abv, Ebullient is a sour beer/wine hybrid brewed with lemon, ginger & white grape juice. Two Ton describes the beer as "Bright farmhouse aromas with intense funk; smells like sunshine and teen spirit. White grapes are the star, with a jammy forefront giving way to a pleasant tartness and super clean finish. Subtle honey flavors from pilsner malt are present, but subdued. Overall impression of chardonnay grapes with gentle acidity, complex spicy and floral nose." Two Ton recommends you serve the beer chilled (~40F) or cellar temp (~55F) as per your preference. The brewers note that warmer temps bring out more funk, while colder temps emphasize the tartness. 

Ebullient (750 ml), can be purchased for $16 a bottle and there is a limit of two bottles per person.