KENILWORTH, NJ – Michael Capizzano is a life long resident of Kenilworth. He lives with his beloved wife Renee and together they have three kids and three grandchildren. Capizzano went to Harding and graduated from Seton Hall in 1984. Currently, he works as an accountant at Turner Construction. Capizzano coached softball in Kenilworth for many years and his daughter was one of the best pitchers David Brearley High School ever had. She now pitches for Rutgers. His mother and brother both work at Brearley. Friends and family describe Mike as “a loving father, always willing to help others, and with a heart of gold.”

In 2012 Capizzano needed a new kidney and was fortunate enough to have one donated. His family and friends were relieved and happy for him. Unfortunately, seven years later the kidney is failing, and he may have to go on dialysis. This means Capizzano goes back on the list and is looking for a donor. His family would donate a kidney if they could but none of them qualify as donors.

If you have type O blood and want to help out Mike, please contact Jami Abes a RWJ (732) 253-3699. The Capizzano family would like to thank you in advance. If you are not the type, please share this and spread the word they ask.