KENILWORTH, NJ - A proposal was made earlier this week to place the controversial cell tower for Union College at the county police site on Kenilworth Boulevard. Council President Lawrence Clementi strongly responded, "thanks but no thanks."

The proposed tower at the college has raised much local opposition if it would be moved to the Kenilworth location. Clementi stated this tower is not in the best interest for the community. "It's a site vigorously opposed by residents for safety reasons, it's not fair to figuratively kick the problem down the road to another community. The last gift from Cranford was the massive Birchwood development which promises to give us more than desired vehicle traffic on 21st street in our community."

Clementi acknowledged that the college has not endorsed the Kenilworth location and most likely will not in the end. "Problems such as a cell tower location and congestion are common to all communities. I truly wish Cranford residents well in solving the problem as long as they don't pass them on to Kenilworth residents. "