KENILWORTH, NJ – Please see the important message from Mayor Linda Karlovitch.

Now more than ever is the time for us to stay positive and create moments of happiness in our daily lives. Go for a walk and take care of your body. Currently, there are 34,124 cases of COVID-19 in New Jersey, 2,916 in Union County and 38 cases in Kenilworth. We do expect these numbers to continue to rise in the short term.

Although I am saddened, I am also uplifted and admire our strength and courage as our community comes together to support one another. From red ribbons of hope, family porch portraits, bear hunts, Kenilworth Moms support group. Families sending food and caring thoughts to our first responders just to name a few. These acts of kindness show strength in our connection to each other. I am proud and grateful to live in this community. We are stronger than we think. We rise by lifting others.
My deepest gratitude goes out to the men and women in our community on the front line, our first responders. We are proud of you and we are grateful to you. Thank you for all you do, selflessly serving others. 

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I would also like to show gratitude to a group of workers who rarely get recognized. Those who sit at supermarket cash registers and restock our shelves. Perhaps doing one of the hardest jobs right now.
Another thank you to several Borough employees who are calling our seniors to check in and touch base to determine if they need help or assistance. We have made a special note of those whom live alone to make sure they know they are not alone. We as a community are here to assist in any way that we are able.

Please, if you have not done so already visit our borough website at for updated information and links to other reliable sources of information. Here you can also sign up for Swift 911 to receive phone blasts from the Borough. Census 2020 is here. You can fill out your information online at, by phone or mail. When filling out the census include everyone that lives in your household. By law all responses are confidential. Census numbers are used to distribute 675 billion federal funds to communities across the county. These resources are vital to our community. Currently, Kenilworth is counted at 50.1%.

I will end with a favorite saying of mine. “This too shall pass” and “in the end everything is going to be okay.” and “If it's not okay, it is not the end.” Remember after every storm there is a rainbow.
Stay safe and be well. Be kind to each other. We are in this together, and we will get through this together.

Very Respectfully,

Linda Karlovitch