KENILWORTH, NJ – Sunday, October 13, yogis from all over Union County and further came to House Yoga’s Goat Yoga for an afternoon of fun, relaxing exercise, and outward enlightenment. Owner of House Yoga in Kenilworth, Christa Lapinig Recio led an all-level House Flow class and Totes Goats brought the furry friends to join and educate participants about these spunky and delightful animals.

Research has shown that goat yoga which is a type of animal therapy, helps to increase human longevity and can aid in coping with stress. Speaking of goat yoga, owner of Totes Goats Tyler Morella articulated that “goats have a very uncanny ability of bringing a smile to your face. People can come to goat yoga and completely let go of what is outside for an hour, hang with our goats, do some yoga, and smile.”

As Recio guided the class through each pose, the goats freely roamed around and made their way to say hello to each participant. Recio stated, “I always really enjoy the reactions of the students taking the class when the goats first enter the yard. This particular yoga class the goats entered in full costumes so you could really hear the amusement and see the smiles on everyone’s faces. I love working with Totes Goats. They have the upmost respect for their goats and always keep their welfare priority when it comes to these events. They also inform us about the nature and fun facts of goats which I always enjoy.” After the class was over refreshments and snacks were served and those who desired to hold a goat were able to take pictures.