KENILWORTH, NJ – Earning a black belt is an incredibly difficult achievement and a lifetime milestone. The black belt test is a very special event as it requires extreme focus, technique accuracy, discipline and endurance. Saturday, September 28, Karate World held its annual black belt test. There was over 200 people in attendance to test for the black belt title. Students were able to test for three different styles of martial arts in different degrees of black belts all on the same day. Some students had been testing at Karate World for over 20 years. Linda Hrynack who is 64 years old tested for her second-degree black belt. After the testing an award ceremony was held to recognize all all the staff and instructors.

Karate World is celebrating its 28th year in operation in Kenilworth. Owner Grandmaster Jeff Dunn is an 8th dan black belt and has been changing lives in Union County for almost three decades. The school itself has produced over 50 general epic AAU gold medalists and many North American sport karate world champions. “We’re a family school and we love helping families grow together” Grandmaster Dunn states. “We have family classes here where the children take classes with the parents and it is a great bonding experience. The children learn by example from their parents no quitting spirit. They also learn how to set goals, overcome obstacles, and how to be their best at every age and stage of life.”

If you are interested in learning more, Karate World welcomes new members to the studio by offering a one-week trial of unlimited classes. Please see the link or call the studio at 908-241-0066.