KENILWORTH, NJ - Please see this important letter from Mike Capizzano's children. 

To most people, this upcoming Father’s Day is just an average Father’s Day, but for our family this year has been a struggle. This is because we all know the only thing my father wants, and needs more than anything is a kidney donation. Our father is Mike Capizzano, a long time Kenilworth resident. He is on the Board of Directors with Autism Radio, and in the past has volunteered his time for many things from coaching to working at food shelters. Mike was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease almost a decade ago and thankfully found someone to donate a kidney to him in 2012. Things were going well afterward until there was an uncontrollable turn of events. His kidney started to fail once again after complications due to an unexpected cyst that ruptured. After this unfortunate event, Mike is back on the transplant list and is about to start dialysis. My family and other close friends have been tested, and sadly, we are not a match. Mike is such a caring and selfless man and willing to help anyone who may need it.

His eldest daughter, Christine, said “When I think of someone who deserves a kidney I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than my father. I also tried to donate however I was unfortunately denied. My dad was never one to seek sympathy or ask for help. When asked how things are going he always puts on a persona like everything is okay. He will put everyone else before himself and that is why I admire the man in which he is. I pray that he gets a kidney that he deserves and his health turns around so our father can enjoy life again without having to worry.”

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His son, James, said, “I went through the process of getting tested, but sadly I didn’t qualify. It was such a disappointment, I wanted more than anything to be the one who could have helped my dad.”

“I, unfortunately, cannot be tested due to the possible inheritance of the disease.” Michelle, the youngest daughter said. “It breaks my heart to watch my father go through this and not be able to do anything except try and lift his spirits. He is the strongest, bravest man I know, and I pray every day that he will find a kidney and finally get to feel better again.”

For this Father’s Day, we would love for you to be able to help him in the search for a new kidney and give him hope in enjoying many more Father’s days. 

Happy Father’s Day Dad, we love you and hope this article can send help your way. 
Love, your children!

For people who would be willing to help, there are two possible ways:

Option 1- This is for people that are an “O” blood type, and would be a direct donation to Mike. This would take place at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Robert Wood Johnson Hospital - Contact Jami Abes - 732-253-3699 or follow the link

Option 2- Is for anyone who would be willing to donate a kidney. This is a “Paired Donation Exchange Program” this transplant option for kidney recipients and donor pairs who are not blood and/or tissue-type compatible. This gives the option to have kidneys be exchanged between two incompatible pairs to make two compatible living donor transplants. This is through the National Kidney Registry that works with all the top hospitals in the U.S. This would take place at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

University of Pennsylvania Hospital – Contact Meera Ragoopath - 215-662-6200

Someone we love needs a kidney transplant.  Our father is still young with a full life ahead of him.  He has a loving wife, 3 children, and 3 grandchildren, along with many other family members and friends who he loves to spend time with.  He would hate to have his time cut short from them.  From our family to yours, we want to wish all fathers a Happy Father's Day!