KENILWORTH, NJ – The Kenilworth Historical Society hosted Four Centuries in a Weekend Saturday October 19, and Sunday, October 20, at the Nitschke House. Four Centuries in a Weekend involves nearly all the historical societies in Union County. Each society portrays a different era of history with Kenilworth portraying life in America during Prohibition.

Tours of the Nitschke House consisted of a Prohibition era tea garden, a living history program featuring “Teetotalers and Bootleggers: Prohibition in America”; and a presentation of Prohibition-era recollections compiled by David Brearley High School student and historian Michael Naya, Jr. This was part of an ongoing oral history project that Naya has undertaken to learn about and document individuals’ lives and memories of the past. Presentations included a still used to make liquor illegally by Ralph Errington shown by Robert Maxwell, an authentic early 1900’s living room, dining room, kitchen, given by various members of the Kenilworth Historical society. 

Those who participated in the event were David Brearley High School students and many Union County residents including senior citizens. John Rembish a WWII veteran and Kenilworth local who was the oldest attendee at 96 years old was very pleased. “Four Centuries was very nice. They had an interesting and impressive display, stories, and members who were helpful. They explained it clear and in depth. I look forward to attending next year.” Rembish’s memories were featured as part of the living memories of prohibition.

The Kenilworth Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that offer living history programs to engage others and teach them about life in the past. Further information about the organization, the Nitschke House, and other upcoming events can be found on the society’s website at