KENILWORTH, NJ - Meet Brutus, Kenilworth’s TAPinto Pet of the Week!

This is Brutus. He is a rescue and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our family. Because he is a rescue, we do not know his exact age. We were told when we adopted him he could be 2 or 3 years old, which means now he could be anywhere from 5-7. 

Brutus loves to go for walks and seeing the neighborhood. He also loves being an older brother to our son, Bronx. There’s nothing Brutus loves more though than napping on the couch! He is a great family dog and welcomes everyone he knows with a tail wag and excitement. While Brutus is a big muscular dog, he thinks he is a little lap dog and won’t hesitate to work his way on to your lap or shoulder or anything he can get to. As much as he will do that with adults, he is very cautious and protective of the baby. We love to watch the two of them play. Bronx will hold one of Brutus’s toys or bones and I have never saw the dog act so gentle in my life. We are beyond grateful to have him. 

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Submitted by: Michael Bruno


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