KENILWORTH, NJ - Meet Coco, Kenilworth’s TAPinto Pet of the Week!

This is Coco, a wonderful little rescue. She was adopted her 2 years ago this past June from a Virginia rescue via St. Huberts. She's a miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix.  She's now 8 yrs old. At the meet and greet she bit me! But I took her anyway because I knew she'd be hard to adopt out. First few months were difficult to say the least trying different training methods to teach not to bite, her boundaries, leash walking, etc. I Finally realized after failing traditional methods...she hates time out by herself in my gated office. Fast forward, she's my sleeping companion, wonderful with me, and does love to be with my friends that have earned her trust. I still have to keep her away from people, especially kids, that she doesn't know. At the dog sitter she gets along with the other dogs. But at home when she's walked, she is not friendly with newcomers.  Except for PK, our neighbor canine, she loves to walk with PK and Kathleen. Her favorite toy is anything that squeaks Big or small, any shape. For treats, green beans and carrots.

Submitted by: Hollis Kisner


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