KENILWORTH, NJ – On or about February 10, 2020, a sudden flare up on or about the licensed premises of the Gavelstone Bar and Grill located at 303 South Michigan Avenue, a disturbance and nuisance took place. This resulted in the closing of Michigan Avenue and intervention of police officers from Kenilworth and Roselle Park were called in.

According to the notice of charges issued by the Borough, “while a disturbance occurred directly outside the premises of the licensee, employee of the licensee did not cooperate with the investigating police who had arrived on the scene to quell the disturbance. The crowd and confrontation with the investigating officers at the incident evolved into a substantial neighborhood disturbance rising to the level of disturbance and the closing of a major thoroughfare in the Borough until the disturbance was quelled and the crowd disbursed. The failure of the licensee to at any time notify the municipal department resulted in a ‘flare up’ being elevated to a disturbance and nuisance.”

A hearing is to be held before the Alcohol Beverage Control Board of the Borough of Kenilworth located at 567 Boulevard on March 9, 2020, at 6:00 p.m.