KENILWORTH, NJ - Amy Efchak, who has been the softball coach at David Brearley High School for 18 years recently went to the homes of her senior softball players to honor them by bringing gifts and taking pictures of them and their families. Efchak said, “They all seemed very happy since we could not have our senior day, and I used this as that moment for them.”

Coach Efchak and her team also participated in a senior zoom appreciation day. The girls all made signs and wrote speeches, then took turns to all say their affirmations about one another. Efchak continued, “It was a very wonderful moment. As for our season, the team, my assistant coach Nicole Spampinato, who is amazing, and I talked to the girls everyday. We ran a google classroom where we would post positive messages, video tutorials, workouts, and a daily attendance for the team. We even ran team zoom meetings. My two favorite zoom meetings were Senior Day and Team Show and Tell.”

The senior girls made Tik Tok videos for teammates and posters for essential workers to hang on their doors and windows. All while managing online school, softball, and their home lives. Efchak stated, “life had changed very quickly for the girls, and we did our best to keep everyone going strong.”

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Efchak wants all the David Brearley students to know how proud she is of everyone. “It was unfortunate, and my heart goes out to all the student-athletes that have lost a season and been unable to be on a field, court, or whatever you call home. The truth in the matter is I saw so many of my kids rise to this occasion and bring the best of themselves to the plate that I feel honored to be their coach. The true kindness, love, and warmth that they all possess is amazing. Sometimes life moves so quickly, and we are rushing from practice to games to school that we forget to call a teammate to see how they are “feeling” or how their mom is. I feel we as a team will never forget this season and will be stronger in the future because of the bonds that we created in this virtual season. I am proud of my girls that they pushed through, stayed positive, and were always there for each other no matter what ups and downs we had to deal with. That is what a team is. On and off the field. I am proud to be the Brearley Softball coach. In this position, I could not feel more contented to call David Brearley High School Softball my family. To all the seniors, the best of luck in the future. You are all amazing and will rock the world. To all the rest of the athletes out there, stay ready. You never know when you will get the call that it’s time to go.”

Evelyn Wetzel one of the team’s captains had a poignant statement to make about her four years playing for Brearley. “My softball experience has been absolutely incredible, I started playing as soon as I could start in elementary school and instantly fell in love with the sport and the experience. I went through the recreational league in town all the way into middle school. I also played for the separate middle school team as well during those two seasons. Going into high school all I could think about was being coached by Ms.Efchak. While on the middle school team our coaches would take us to the high school games to watch the girls and I could not wait to be a part of that, they were amazing players. Working with Ms.Efchak is an experience I will carry with me through the rest of my life, the Spamp sisters along with Ms.Efchak not only taught us how to be the best player we can be, but they taught us how to be the best person we can be. I started off on the JV team my freshman year and was pulled up towards the end into the beginning of my sophomore year. I have been on the varsity team ever since. I have learned so much from my experience in the DBHS softball program. My coaches have helped me become a better player overall, whether it was making me a stronger batter and showing me how to use my weight to send the ball flying, a stronger fielder with being able to judge the ball and make the right steps before and after receiving it, a better base runner, and a stronger leader for my team. But they have also taught me the values of being a good person, how important it is to be positive going through life, to help others, and care for all, they have boosted my self-confidence on and off the field and that is something I will be eternally grateful for. Leaving this season without even starting it really put me in a slump mentally as well as the other seniors. But our coaches were there everyday texting us, letting us know we could reach out to them, and doing everything they could to make us feel better, as well as keeping us in shape with daily workouts. I miss all my girls, I miss goofing around in the team room, our inside jokes, the way they would light up when practice started, I miss being their big sister, someone they came to with questions on and off the field, I miss my coaches, I miss Ms.Efchaks speeches, she could go on for hours without thinking about the topic before practice and every word she said would mean something and it really made you think and I always thought that was amazing. I want to let my girls know that no matter what I will always be here for them whether its for softball or just in life. They have all left a huge mark on me and have taught me so much and I want to thank them for that. I would also like to tell my coaches that even though I’m leaving, you won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon. I will be there as much as I can, whether it’s to watch the girls play and see how they’ve grown, or to help out however they need. Softball has been a huge part of my life and it has carried me through a lot, and I plan to have it carry me through the next four years of college as well. Softball has always been my happiness and I hope my girls reading this will cherish their next few years of this program because it really is something special.”