Twist, Flip and Fly.  That’s what most people think of when they think about Gymnastics.  The reality of Gymnastics shows us how physical fitness can be enjoyable, while teaching life lessons in perseverance, encouraging friendships, and providing great role models such as “The Fierce Five” to look up to. This August, Giant Gymnastics is offering special Back to School savings for families to take advantage of.

At Giant Gymnastics of Lafayette, they “strongly believe in proper progressions and developmentally appropriate classes for every child.”  The range of classes available ensures the children are placed in an environment where they can grow as gymnasts, no matter their age or experience.  Giant Gymnastics offers programs for boys and girls ages 18 months through adult. 

Their “Flippin' Frogs” classes are geared for 3-4 yr old boys and girls who are for the first time in class without mom or dad, and socialization skills are just beginning.  It is in this class that they learn to take turns and share equipment, as well as develop their balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.  The “Leapin' Lizard” class for 5-6 yr olds boys and girls builds on the socialization skills and further develops small and gross motor skills as well as introduces basic gymnastics skills like the handstand and cartwheel. 

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Giant Gymnastics also offers a program for parents to come into the gym with their gymnast called the “Polywog Class.”  This is a Mom-and-me/Dad-and-me class.  This class is for the parent and child age 18 months to 3 years old and focuses on the same concepts as the Flippin' Frogs, only mom or dad get to participate as well.  “Not only are the socialization and physical skills key at this developmental stage, but it is a great "excuse" to spend quality time with your child,” described co-owner Jennifer Packard.

Boys and Girls ages 6 and up participate in Giant Gymnastics ’Recreational Program.  “At this point, boys and girls are split to better provide instruction on the appropriate equipment.  For example, beam is primarily a girl's sport, while the rings are primarily used for boys,” explained Packard.  “Both boys’ and girls' recreational classes start with the basic progressions and fundamentals of gymnastics and build as they move through levels 1-4.”  Packard and co-owner John Skorski offer free evaluations for proper placement.  A free trial class can also be taken (new members only) to ensure the chosen class is an appropriate fit.  Packard added, “Coaches are always on the lookout for when a child should move- there is no mandatory wait time in any level, though typically a student will spend a year at each level.”

Giant Gymnastics also offers a “Tumbling” class which can be taken by both boys and girls.  This is often the class chosen by cheerleaders and those who don't prefer the other events like bars, beam, or rings.  Tumbling focuses on the proper progressions for tumbling and jumps, utilizing drills, trampolines, and belt systems to aid in the learning process of skills such as the back handspring.

 Giant Gymnastics will find the class that suits your child’s needs, no matter what your Young Gymnasts’ skill or age.  For more information about class times, or their Back to School Savings Special, contact them at 973-579-9400 or visit them online at