FANWOOD, NJ -- A political flier has been distributed door-to-door in Fanwood that republishes a interview of Freeholder Al Mirabella and his wife, Phyllis, without permission and appears to imply that TAPinto endorses Column A candidates. 

The flier was forwarded to TAPintoSPF by a resident of Maclennan Place in Fanwood who inquired whether TAPintoSPF had printed the flier and was endorsing the Mirabellas and their Column A "Regular Democratic Organization" running mates.

Page one of the flier features the TAPinSPF logo and misspells the word "Scotch" by omitting the second "c." Page two of the flier identifies that the flier was Paid for by Victory 2019, based in Hillside, NJ, and the Column A logo. 

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TAPintoSPF does not endorse any political candidates. 

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No Endorsement of, or Contributions to, Local Political Candidates

Our TAPinto franchises provide readers with important coverage of local government and politics.  To ensure quality, unbiased coverage, we adopted a policy that prohibits franchisees from making endorsements of, or otherwise publicly supporting, their local political candidates in any manner.  We also adopted a policy that prohibits all TAPinto franchisees from contributing to political candidates running for local office in their town(s).  

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TAPinto will provide more information as it becomes available.