Hello Neighbor, 

I am writing today to shine light on a systemic problem facing our city, Mayor Derek Armstead and his allies are neglecting the Hispanic community in Linden. This is a fact. This is not an election eve gimmick. This is the time to rally together and demand representation. We pay our fair share of taxes and follow the rules like everyone else, and our voices go ignored every single day.  That is why it is imperative we vote Column A this Tuesday June 4th. 

Mayor Armstead does not post important government information – ranging from safety bulletins to job opportunities – in both English and Spanish. He refuses to offer any services aimed at protecting the rights of Hispanic citizens in Linden, nor does the City celebrate our community with events and programs tailored to our holidays and traditions. 

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Most significantly, Derek Armstead has never supported a member of the Hispanic community for public office. Also, he has made very few appointments on city boards, it’s easy for Linden's Hispanic community to feel they are voiceless. 

This Tuesday is our moment.  Please join us in standing up for the Hispanic community by voting for the Column A Democratic Team – from Assembly, all the way down to our neighbors running for County Committee. Together, we can bring progress and representation to our community.

Thank you,

Jorge “Coach” Alvarez,

Former Council President

City of Linden