Join What's Your Story? for “linder” (lunch + dinner)  and storytelling to raise money for Because She Is  at Crossroads in Garwood on Saturday, 3/16 from 4 pm to 6:30 pm.

The Mission of Because She Is... is to provide continued support for victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse at their new location — Marilyn’s Place. Opened Sept. 4, Marilyn’s Place is run solely by survivors so that all who visit know that everyone they speak to has experienced the emotions and struggles of the trauma they have endured.  All of the meetings, events and workshops at Marilyn’s Place are FREE of charge (Now in Sayreville!). The long term goal of this organization is to open more locations for survivors to turn to. TICKETS ON SALE NOW or $15 at the door.

Maureen Spataro, Founder of Because She Is; Michelle Dickinson, Westfield Resident, Mental Health Advocate and author of Breaking Into My Life;  Mike Farragher, author of This is Your Brain on Shamrocks and Robyn Shumer, Founder of What's Your Story? will be some of the storytellers.

About “What’s Your Story?”: “What’s Your Story?” is a storytelling initiative that resulted from a call to action from founder, Robyn Shumer. In her TEDx talk, Robyn reflected on her own personal experiences and recognized a simple truth: We can find truth and understanding through sharing our unique experiences and stories. Unfortunately, many of these stories go untold. “What’s Your Story?”is a storytelling initiative that challenges us to open up to others and generate lasting, meaningful, personal and social change. Our mission is to provide safe spaces for people to tell the stories that shape their lives. Proceeds from every event will go to non-profit organizations.