To the Editor:

I have been asked this question a lot these past two months: "How is dating an EMT any different than anyone else?" Well let me tell you! EMT's are first responders that are trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes and currently the COVID- 19 pandemic. He is constantly saving lives, while also helping people get the treatment they need. Through the long days and late nights, he will always run into the situations most people would run away from. EMT's don't get the recognition or pay that they deserve. They work long hours, in all types of weather, under even crazier circumstances. Being the significant other of an EMT is never easy, nor is being the significant other of any healthcare/civil service position! There is just something about watching the one you love do what they love is the most rewarding thing you will ever witness. "I am proud of you ! Stay Safe ! Love you!"

Gabriella Mantilla