Tuckerton, NJ - Some local residents reported being shaken this morning, as Earthquake Alerts System reported a magnitude 2.4 quake struck south of the area at 7:52am. Dozens of people reported slight tremors, but no damage has been claimed from the incident. According to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water and Geoscience New Jersey earthquakes usually occur when slowly accumulated strain within the Earth's crust is suddenly released along a fault. The energy from this movement travels as seismic waves along the ground surface and within the crust. The arrival of this released energy is felt as an earthquake. They report that the state does not get many earthquakes, and when they come they are small. New Jersey's building code has some provisions for earthquake--resistant design. But there are no requirements for retrofitting existing buildings -- not even for unreinforced masonry structures that are most vulnerable to earthquake damage.