LITTLE EGG HARBOR- The Pinelands Regional School District is getting ready to unveil their plans for a safe 2020-21 school year with COVID 19 precautions and options in mind. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that schools will reopen for in person as well as remote learning this fall. The Road Back plan for education was released to include conditions for learning, leadership and planning, policy and funding as well as continuity of learning for all students.

The district created a video describing the steps that will be taken that will include District Committees, teacher, parents and community members to produce a detailed plan for this fall. Pinelands Regional School District has announced reopening subcommittees that include Instruction, Transportation, Athletics, Facilities and Operations, Health/Safety Wellness, and Special Services. The video addresses the options students will have for their classes in the fall, fully in person, hybrid and fully online. In person will mean students will return to the classroom, hybrid will be a mix of in person and remote instruction, and online will allow students to learn from home. 

The video encourages parents to talk to their children in advance about school reopening, as well as advise on what families can do over the summer to prepare for the fall. This includes practicing wearing a mask, practice six foot social distancing, and hand washing. The introduction of personal technology will be presented when final plans are released which provides all 7th through 12th Grade students with a Chrome book, Students from 9-12 grade will keep the same device until graduation. 

The full plan will be available to the community by early August. The link to video was posted July 19 to their YouTube channel