The Covid-19 Pandemic has been difficult for businesses big and small, but the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee has come up with a way to help bolster consumer traffic. The first of a series of billboards featuring business logos and names within the town has been erected on Rt 539 across from Parkertown Drive. Businesses will have the opportunity of free rent on the sign for the remainder of 2020 to help increase visibility.

"The Township committee had created the Commercial Revitalization Advisory Board aka CRAB with the goal to help promote our town and our businesses." stated Committeeman Ray Gormley. The initial billboard will only cost business $125 to create their sign to be placed on the community board. There is no cost to be on the sign for this year, and $250 for each year moving forward beginning in 2021. 

Money raised from the billboards will be used to continue to promote Little Egg Harbor and its business community. For any business that is interested in being added to the billboard, please contact Kasey Powers, Confidential Secretary to the Governing Board at LEH Town Hall 609 296 7241 x235. Once space on the first sign is filled, the Township will commission additional billboards.