LITTLE EGG HARBOR , NJ - The morning routine was altered for those looking to start the day with Wawa located at 195 Mathistown Road, where an employee was has recently tested positive for COVID-19.  According to the company's protocols, the management took immediate action to close the store. It will be professionally cleaned and disinfected and will reopen with staffing from neighboring stores. The store will reopen as soon as possible, according to their September 15 statement.

In the meantime, the management has made clear that the associate has not worked on that property since September 12, and have outreached to the Department of Health to assist with  notifying  other who may have come in contact with the employee. 

Wawa assures that all steps are being taken to support the impacted associate as well as safeguard everyone else. They encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to the local health department directly.