New Jersey- PBS Travel Host Erik the Travel Guy, a resident of New Jersey will be taking middle school students on a virtual field trip to new destinations every Tuesday starting September 1. This free, interactive 30 minute online series, called Vacation Tuesday will engage students with geography, history, science and cultural aspects of destinations from around the country and the world as well as serve up a pop quiz to check their knowledge. 

The first episode will feature the history of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and the flight deck of a Boeing Dreamliner, a visit to London, England, and a trip to learn about BBQ from Dr. BBQ himself. Each episode, which airs at 10 a.m. EST Tuesdays, is followed by a 20-minute live Q & A to engage the students. To supplement the program, Erik has pulled together educational resources and a pop quiz. Erik has worked with a advisory council of educators, clinical psychologists and other experts to provide guidance over content and scripting. This ensures that our content aligns with state and national  social studies standards in order to make it easy for teachers to implement in their classes and parents to implement for at-home learning. 

Erik Hastings is no stranger to the LBI Region, and has worked with the Southern Ocean County Chamber in various destination and business strategy projects. Erik is the host of the EMMY award winning television series “Beyond Your Backyard” which is seen in almost every American Household on public broadcasting stations (PBS), the Create Channel and on demand platforms such as Amazon Prime, Tubi and YouTube. He, along with a dedicated group of content professionals, have been making educational travel videos and shows since 2006. His career includes radio, media design and production, theater, commercial work and hosting duties, including work for WABC, HBO, The Disney Channel, PBS, and Starz & Encore. Most importantly, Erik is the father of two daughters. He has instilled in them the power of travel and education and how together, the two can take them anywhere in the world. Parents can sign up for the monthly newsletter or find out about Vacation Tuesday here