Ocean County, NJ-  Minimum wage will be on the rise each January. In our region many local business qualify as seasonal and small employers, regular businesses , tipped and training wage. The law A15 was signed by Governor Murphy in 2019, and has set pay raises until hourly compensation reaches $15 in 2024. The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce worked with the New Jersey Tourism Industry Association to carve out additional time for seasonal businesses which allows for the $15 to be reached by 2026. A seasonal business is an employer that shows at least two thirds of their gross receipts in a continuous 16-week period  or less. It also can be defined as an employer that provides services from June through September only. Seasonal employers can also include non-profit organizations as well as government temporary positions. The small business owner can also use this pay rate if they employ less than six employees for the majority of the calendar year. Currently, regular business minimum wage is $11, where Seasonal and Small business is $10.40 per hour. This will increase January 1, 2021, where Regular Business will go to $12 per hour and Seasonal and Small Business will become $11.10 per hour. Tip Credit does not follow Regular, Seasonal or small business exemptions. It has its own rate of $7.87 from Jan 1 2020 through Jan 1 2023, until it shows another increase. 


The NJ Department of Labor and Work Force Development issued new rule adaptions on August 3; and further defines training wages, tipped employee definitions, as well as Farm labor rates. Businesses and workers are encouraged to go to the NJDOL site to get general information, learn about Earned Sick Leave, Unemployment Insurance and the Equal Pay act.    https://nj.gov/labor/wagehour/wagehour_index.html

To see the new rule adoptions please go here.