LITTLE EGG TOWNSHIP, NJ- The Little Egg Harbor Township officials have contracted the local environmental nonprofit Reclam the Bay to assist with their larger efforts of shoreline stabilization in neighborhoods that have been severely eroded by wind and wave coming off the bay. According to Project Liaison for ReClam, Jack Duggan, the group will create a living shoreline adjacent to the rock breakwater wall installed by the Township. 

Jack reports "The Iowa Court project requires the installation of a total of 700 feet of living shoreline and the Green Street Project will require 200 feet.  The living shoreline that RCTB is installing is composed of shell bags containing spat (juvenile oysters) that will create a habitat for oysters and several other species of marine life. Over time the expectation is that the habitat will colonize oysters as well as additional marine life through the natural spawning process."  He also added that they have completed 500 feet of oyster habitat and  are currently growing what will amount to an additional 250 feet of spat on shell in our nursery tanks at the Beach Haven site and at another nursery at Holiday Harbor in Waretown.

ReClam the Bay welcomes additional volunteers to join the 24 who participate in raising juvenile oysters and planting the oyster habitat at the project sites. "Our volunteers are instructed in shellfish husbandry by attending a course in Coastal Stewardship offered by the Rutgers Agriculture Extension Center in Toms River" stated Jack. 

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