Mayor Crea welcomes you to get to know Little Egg Harbor Township otherwise known as “Little Treasure on the Bay”. It is considered both a bayside paradise and an inland oasis of bountiful businesses, giving a unique sense of home for both locals and tourists alike.  Offering sprawling properties, pristine beaches, Bayfront views, vast wetlands wildlife preserves and spectacular outdoor attractions, Little Egg Harbor Township is second to none.


Founded on a great sense of community with residents and visitors spanning many generations. Local “mom-and-pop” businesses, retailers and restaurants provide each member of the community with wholesome meals, farmer’s markets and boutique shopping always complete with a high level of hospitality. Being just a short commute from major cities such as Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Princeton and New York City, Little Egg Harbor is the epitome of small town charm with big city personality right around the corner.


Whether you have been a Little Egg Harbor Township resident for decades, are new to the area or are looking for a vacation spot, this town is a match for you and your family. Little Egg Harbor welcomes everyone and anyone to become a part of our growing family and looks forward to continuing to serve long standing residents with pride.  Residents, Families, Friends and Visitors truly make Little Egg Harbor Township the undeniable “treasure” that it is.