Over the years, our Legislative Delegation has had the privilege of working closely with the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce.  Needless to say, the Chamber has proven itself an extremely effective advocate of local small businesses, which constitute the backbone of our local economic base here in Southern Ocean County.

 Among the Chamber’s successful initiatives is to tie our area’s natural treasures, such as beaches, waterways as well as state and county parks, to promote local businesses and attract consumers to visit the area on a consistent basis.  In this effort, the Chamber’s policies remain beneficial from an economic standpoint and also reflective of the views shared by many local residents who are supportive of open space preservation, clean and navigable waterways, and well-maintained beaches. 

Not surprisingly, the Chamber proved itself up to the significant challenge of helping our area to rebuild and recover following the catastrophic damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.   None of us knew that an even greater challenge would confront our state and nation in the years to follow. COVID-19 has had a profoundly negative impact on the state and national economy, hitting small businesses with greater impact.  In view of the current economic uncertainty, the Chamber’s role in assisting the small business community has become even more crucial, especially as much of the area’s local economic base is tied to the tourist and restaurant industries.

Recognizing the economic challenges that we are faced with, our Delegation looks forward to maintaining our close working relationship with the Chamber to more effectively represent the interests of our constituents, including small business owners.