As superintendent of the Little Egg Harbor School District and the Pinelands Regional School District, I am honored to welcome you to our school communities. Our school family works together in a collaborative manner to ensure the needs of ALL students are being met. Academically, we have set the bar high, and we ensure that all students are challenged every day. The Little Egg Harbor School District is composed of three schools with an enrollment of 1,650 students. The Early Childhood Center enrolls over 300 three and four years old learners in a full-time program. The George Mitchell school consists of grades K-2 and the Frog Pond School consists of grades 3-6. Students leave the Little Egg Harbor School District and travel down the road to the Pinelands Regional School District.

As students enter Junior High School they are met with students from Bass River, Tuckerton and Eaglewood. Pinelands High School is second to non with programs in the arts, dual-enrollments, advanced placement, vo-tech, and numerous trades. Our schools are surrounded by beauty and tranquility as we are housed in the center of the pines. 

The hashtag #ALWAYSAWILDCAT conveys the pride that our school family perceives toward the district. As a 1994 graduate of Pinelands, I am thankful each and every day for the honor of being superintendent of both amazing school districts. Our doors are always open, please visit anytime!