LIVINGSTON, NJ - A fourteen-year-old male from Newark was taken into custody in Newark and brought to Livingston Police, where he was charged with auto theft, criminal mischief, and conspiracy related to the June 9th car theft at the Livingston car wash at 111 East Mount Pleasant Avenue. Witnesses observed the suspect, who was identified as one of four black males in a white Mitsubishi, exit the vehicle before proceeding to take a white, 2013 Mercedes 300. The Mercedes was later found, vacant, in Newark. Wires to the car’s GPS system had been cut, so police could not trace the vehicle’s whereabouts. However, video surveillance and physical evidence led police to the suspect. The youth was transferred to the Essex County Youth House Detention Center. Charges will be heard in the family division of the Essex County Superior Court in Newark. Other suspects are still at large.