LIVINGSTON, NJ - The 13th Annual Art at the Oval, sponsored by the Arts Council, brought together the public and local artists alike, to view and purchase local art pieces, while providing music, food, and face painting to children.

Co-chair of the event, Vivian Olshen said the Arts Council’s mission is to support artists and their pieces in Livingston. The available art to purchase, included paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, jewelry, and handmade ceramics.

“We give artists a venue for a minimal charge to present their work to the public,” Olshen said.

Member of the Arts Council, Punam Bhargava added that this year’s turnout wasn’t as great as usual because of the weather. “We usually have about 75 artists attend, but today we only had about 40,” Bhargava said.

The event was held in the Livingston High School auxiliary gymnasium, instead of around the oval due to wet weather.

Do-Re-Mi, a private music and art school located on 93 S. Livingston Ave., provided a small art project for children attendees to do. Director Marina Goldin was also available to whoever was interested in gaining for information about the school.

“We use a nontraditional method to teaching music and art, while trying to raise the standards,” Goldin said.

She added that Do-Re-Me has taught nearly 400 children and also offers adult classes.

Goldin also displayed several paintings from one of the art teachers, Ekaterina Kardonova, to “show her capabilities and to possibly sell the art.”

One of the participating artists, Bill Bunting, has come year after year because he “always gets a good response at the art show.”

The winner of over 60 awards in painting said he loves painting because its helps him express himself.

“Painting can say things that I have trouble expressing in words,” Bunting said.